Combating Rising Costs of Housing

The high cost of rent and buying a home are core challenges facing San Diegans.

The County Board of Supervisors is taking action to combat skyrocketing rents and the rising costs of buying a home in our region by cutting red tape and streamlining our construction permitting process, making it faster and less expensive to build new housing.

This year the County Board approved a policy by Supervisor Lawson-Remer to speed up housing construction by allowing self-certification on projects in open spaces between existing structures — also called in-fill housing. 

Depending on the scope of the project, permits can now be issued in as little as one to five business days!

Faster Permitting = More Housing

Quick approval for building permits is important for affordable housing projects, which have strict time lines mandated by state funding, and the new policy will help the county tackle rising housing costs by clearing one of the main construction bottlenecks.

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Visit the County web pages below to learn more about the self-certification process, to obtain a residential permit or Instant Permit, and more:

More Information About County Programs to Combat Rising Housing Costs:

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