Being a third-generation resident who grew up in this beautiful region, I’m honored to represent San Diego County’s 3rd District. 

As a former educator, economist, and environmental attorney, I am working to keep San Diego safe, livable, and thriving :


  • Safeguard our beautiful beaches, coastlines, natural habitats and open spaces
  • Reduce homelessness, and expand access to mental health services for people in crisis
  • End carbon and smog emissions in our region, and protect our climate
  • Tackle our affordable housing crisis
  • Partner with hi-tech and biotech, and invest in growing our local green economy
  • Improve access to justice, and protect public safety
  • Strengthen our public health system building on lessons learned from Covid-19, and advance universal healthcare
  • Protect our children and communities from gun violence
  • Reduce gridlock traffic, fix crumbling streets and potholes, repair aging infrastructure at risk of collapse, and make our roads and trails safe for bikes and pedestrians