San Diego County's climate change plan is to be at zero carbon emissions by 2045

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Article by Shawn Styles

SAN DIEGO — Climate change is affecting us here in San Diego from the coast, all the way to the deserts. And to get a better idea of what the county is doing, I spoke with Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and what the climate action plan is.

"We have some of the most rich and vibrant coastal systems in the world, here in San Diego County,” said Lawson-Remer. “And we have a responsibility as a steward of our planet and our future to safeguard those for our children,"

Supervisor Lawson-Remer represents District 3 in the North County and is a San Diegan native, so she has seen the effects of climate change over time.

"We are seeing droughts and fires all year long, we have a lot of climate effects on our Sea bluffs, erosion of the bluff, changes in the chaparral, it's really significant," said Lawson-Remer.

And it's because of these issues voters are concerned.

"I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with people, and they say our #1 issue is making sure we have a planet for our children," she added.

As an economist with an environmental focus, she says the county’s Environmental Action Plan is working on growing the economy while reducing carbon.

"We are really focused on green jobs plan at the center of our regional decarbonization framework,” said Lawson-Remer. “We're focused on a green economy to create good jobs for families, create more opportunities, and create more opportunities for businesses that are on the cutting edge."

Some may think growing the economy and being green won't work.

"Nothing could be further from the truth; those two things go hand in hand and that's how we're approaching it at the County."

The county is starting with the power they buy.

"We just voted to join San Diego Community Power...that gives us a pathway to move away from fossil fuels as the primary source of energy in our region," said Lawson-Remer. "We'll be able to get folks out of their cars and spend more time with families and less time stuck in traffic."

The goal is zero carbon emissions by 2045.

"To get to zero we're going to need to collaborate. We asked our friends at USD, UCSD, and Berkley to put together strategy."

And the county is asking us to help.

"You're going to have the option to opt in to 100% renewables, say yes."

Research you're candidates.

"Ask how they stand on climate; ask how they stand on the environment and make sure that's your top noting issue."

And make your voice heard.

"People need to show up, raise their voices, speak up at our board meetings so we know we have the backing of the voters as we make the tough decisions.”

While the counties Climate Action Plan looks at San Diego, it also brings regional player into that action plan, which means us making the right choices when it comes to our future.

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