Supervisor Lawson-Remer Reacts to San Diego County Taxpayers Association Data Transparency Proposal

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SAN DIEGO (September 6, 2023) – The County of San Diego is a leader in using data, evidence, and performance outcomes to drive policymaking and programs. Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer secured support in 2021 to create the first-ever County Office of Evaluation, Performance, Analytics (OEPA); since then the County has been a national leader in promoting an organizational culture of learning, and leveraging evidence and data to make decisions and drive results. 

In response to the San Diego County Taxpayers Association call for increased collaboration around homelessness data, Supervisor Lawson-Remer shared the following reaction:

“Using data to deliver solutions and making data easily accessible is a practice agencies should make a part of their culture. RTFH plays a key role in our regional homeless response system, sharing information dashboards, sending information to stakeholders, and developing a process for cities and service providers to request Homeless Management Information Systems data,” said Supervisor Lawson-Remer. “Making information accessible promotes transparency and data-sharing and creates greater efficiencies when different organizations collaborate.” 

Since Supervisor Lawson-Remer’s 2021 policy to change the culture at the County (read here), some of the actions that have occurred include OEPA being established, a Chief Evaluation Officer being hired, and the County launching performance evaluations of key County initiatives.