County Supervisors Lawson-Remer, Vargas Seek to Advance Childcare Blueprint with New Policy

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SAN DIEGO (September 11, 2023) – Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and Chairwoman Nora Vargas today previewed a policy they crafted to help advance the recently released County of San Diego Childcare Blueprint. 

At the County Administration Center today during a press event, they highlighted how their proposal will enhance the infrastructure needs for new and existing childcare providers and family child care homes and create a pilot program to implement an emergency childcare flex system for County employees. The Board of Supervisors will vote on the policy Tuesday, September 12.

“Passing this policy will ensure our County supports building childcare capacity region wide along with staffing and training,” said Supervisor Lawson-Remer, who is a single mother of a 4 year-old daughter. “It also will allow us to develop a pilot program to support our essential County workers with emergency flex days when they are in a pinch.      

“Childcare is not a child issue and it is not a women’s issue. Childcare is an economic issue,”  Supervisor Lawson-Remer continued. “With this policy and our Childcare Blueprint we are taking action to move the Childcare Blueprint forward.”   

“Childcare is a pillar of economic development. Today's policy is part of the county’s ongoing commitment to help families access quality childcare by investing in infrastructure and supporting entrepreneurship,” said Chairwoman Nora Vargas. “I am proud that we are walking the talk and leading by example to ensure our county workforce can take care of their children when an emergency arises.” 

According to the policy the Supervisors are pro: “The County of San Diego is facing a dire childcare crisis. Not only have services become unaffordable for the average family, but there is a lack of available care providers. It is estimated that 77% of parents struggle to find caregivers for their children. Many licensed childcare centers have incredibly long waitlists, and several areas within the region are considered childcare deserts.” 

Experts from the San Diego County Child Care and Development Council were on hand and discussed how the County of San Diego’s efforts around Childcare align with their work to help plan, advise, and collaborate to strengthen child care and development services.

“The San Diego County Child Care Blueprint framework is crucial for addressing critical needs, overcoming challenges, and supporting children, families, and the early learning and care workforce,” said Dezerie Martinez, Coordinator for early education special projects at the San Diego County Office of Education, who oversees the Child Care and Development Local Planning Council. “I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Vice Chair Lawson-Remer and Chair Vargas for their dedication in taking steps to address the child care crisis and for involving the diverse voices of our LPC in developing San Diego County’s Child Care Blueprint.”

Also, because the press event was held on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks that rocked the United States, the participants held a moment of silence in honor of all victims, but especially eight children who lost their lives, and countless other kids who have spent the last 22 years without their parents or guardians because of the attacks.  

To review the entire policy being voted on Tuesday, click here.