Newsletter: No Place for Hate Here in San Diego County

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No Place for Hate Here in San Diego County

As this horrific war unfolds between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East, some communities across the United States and around the world are experiencing a terrifying and dramatic rise in antisemitic and Islamophobic hate incidents. 

From assaults and beatings of Muslims and Jews to the murder of a Palestinian 6-year-old boy, to mob threats of Jewish lynchings, to people losing their jobs, to neighbors and classmates expressing enthusiastic support for terrorism, to hate graffiti like swastikas painted on homes and school bathrooms, to doxxing and stalking and bullying, to graphic images online calling for the killing of Jewish and Muslim babies and families – the environment of fear and intimidation is palpable for many, and, as a Jewish woman, also very personal for me.

Bias incidents and requests for help from Muslims in the U.S. have jumped more than 180 percent this month, according to NBC News.  And U.S. antisemitic incidents have increased by 388 percent since the Israel-Hamas war began, according to Reuters.

This is terrible and unacceptable.

As a local elected official, I have limited ability to impact world events, but I can say to anyone who feels afraid here in our community: our sheriffs are mobilized to protect you, my office is here to support you, and we will not stand by in the face of hate in San Diego County.

To report a hate crime in progress or an emergency, call 9-1-1.  

For non-emergencies, call 858-565-5200.

Our San Diego County Sheriffs are working closely with Jewish and Muslim houses of worship regarding resources and lines of communication.  Sheriffs are available for extra patrol if a group or individual is concerned for their safety.  Please call the Sheriff's Department if you would like to inquire about extra patrols or additional public safety resources for your family or community.  More information about how to prevent and report hate crimes and incidents is available here.

Like many of you, this is personal for me.  My great-grandfather Max fled his home in Ukraine to escape Russian persecution of the Jewish people. Many in our region have a similar story. San Diego County is home to some 400 Holocaust survivors, as well as thousands of Muslims who fled here to escape brutal persecution in their countries of origin.

All are welcome here — Jews and Muslims, Palestinians and Israelis, whatever your faith or race or ethnicity or country of origin — I see you, I love you, and I will do everything I can to keep you safe here in San Diego County

In Service,