Newsletter: Thankful to Serve You

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You may be buried in emails by the time you read this post-Thanksgiving Day message, so I’ll keep this quick (and if you’re reading this on Friday and looking for a fun activity, don’t miss my colorful note at the end).  

First, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you hosted the big dinner, I consider you a hero of the holiday season — take a victory lap. And if you enjoyed a meal elsewhere, I hope the food was tasty and everyone pitched in with the dishes!

Second, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your County Supervisor. Maybe it’s the economist in me speaking (or more likely the still-learning-something-new-everyday mom I’ve become), but it feels like we are living through so many changes — in our region, our nation, and around the globe. And with events like the Israel-Hamas war personally affecting so many of us, it’s easy to feel like what’s happening in the world is outside our control. 

But here in San Diego County we CAN make a difference. I wouldn’t be in this role if I didn’t believe this in my core. It’s one of the reasons I’m honored to fight for you at the County Board of Supervisors. To fight for a County that’s proactive in solving our problems like homelessness and unaffordable housing. For a County that believes in protecting our oceans and environment. For a County that understands climate change is an urgent crisis, and takes action on it. For a County that answers the calls of our better angels by helping the most vulnerable among us. For a County that is more efficienteffective, and uses data to invest our tax dollars wisely. For a County that fixes broken systems so every San Diegan has a fair chance to get ahead

This work starts not with me, but in our community, with you. Thank you for being so engaged. And if there is anything our office can do to help you, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Or, if you’re an in-person sort of person, come by to say hello in Mira Mesa the first week of December.

I’ll be at Miramar College on Monday, December 4 at 6 p.m for our latest Meet and Greet. I hope to see you there!

Black Friday? How About Green Friday

One last thing… Looking to put a spring in your step after Thanksgiving? Head outdoors today for Green Friday! 

Take this opportunity to explore more than 380 miles of trails and open space at our San Diego County parks, with no parking fees and many free events. Check here for more information.

In service,