Supervisor Lawson-Remer Says County Should Not Delay Conservatorship Implementation

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Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer will not support a resolution and policy docketed today at the County of San Diego to delay the implementation of Senate Bill 43 (SB 43), which expands the criteria for those considered to be “gravely disabled.” 

“We have to act with urgency in addressing the mental health crisis that is occurring on our streets and in households across San Diego County. Our County should not be delaying the implementation of Senate Bill 43,” said Supervisor Lawson-Remer, Vice Chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.     

“Our County over the last three years has proactively been working to tackle the mental health and substance use disorders with new programming and investments that are starting to generate positive outcomes. Now is not the time to pull back, we must continue to press ahead by using every tool at our disposal to help as many people as possible.

“I recognize the lead time on SB 43 ramp-up for the County, hospital partners, services providers and city-partners is short, but we all should be moving as fast as possible to help the people we serve. I know if we move fast there will be challenges and gaps to overcome, but our response to public health emergencies like the COVID-19 emergency showed our region is capable and resilient. We should implement SB 43 in January.” 

Lawson-Remer Wants Amendments to include Not Delaying Implementation, a Date-Driven Evaluation, and Involving Community Partners 

Supervisor Lawson-Remer’s friendly amendments would not delay implementing SB 43 January 1, 2024, but would instead evaluate the early stages based on initial data to assess where systemic improvements are needed to ensure people are genuinely getting the help that they need through effective long-term treatment. The amendments would also include collaborating with advocates and other key community partners in the evaluation of initial implementation, to ensure that due process concerns are protected and people are getting effective treatment. 

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on the policy and resolution on Tuesday, December 5 during the 10 a.m. meeting. To read the policy as it was docketed on November 29, click here.