County Supervisors Call for Volunteers in Point in Time Count of Homeless Across San Diego

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In an effort to combat homelessness and bolster support for the region's vulnerable populations, Chairwoman Nora Vargas and Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer brought forward a call to action Tuesday for organizations, stakeholders, county employees, and the community to volunteer for the annual Point-in-Time Count, scheduled for January 25, 2024.

"Each person counted in the Point-in-Time Count represents a potential for change,” said Chairwoman Nora Vargas. “I hope that County employees and community members alike will join us in counting and acknowledging our unsheltered neighbors, so we can pave the way to refine our services and resources and make a difference. Together, we can ensure that our collective actions create pathways towards ending homelessness in San Diego."

The Point-in-Time Count, orchestrated by the Regional Task Force on Homelessness (RTFH), serves as a critical tool in understanding and addressing homelessness across San Diego County.

The initiative aims to identify individuals experiencing homelessness, both sheltered and unsheltered, during a single night in January each year.

“We have increased our County’s focus on addressing the homelessness crisis over the last three years; the annual team participation in the count is part of our continued commitment to getting folks off the streets and into housing,” said Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, Vice Chair, San Diego County Board of Supervisors. “It is great so many of our County workers who don’t work regularly on homelessness care give their time and I appreciate their dedication to this important issue.”

Last year, 171 County employees volunteered for the Point-in-Time Count, contributing to the identification of 10,264 individuals in shelters or on the streets. This substantial effort has proven instrumental in securing federal and state funding while providing invaluable insights into the demographics and challenges the homeless community faces.

The outcomes from the Point-in-Time Count are critical in driving policy changes and investments targeted at housing solutions for the homeless population. Moreover, this initiative plays a pivotal role in addressing disparities and ensuring the equitable distribution of resources to underserved communities in San Diego County.

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