County Will Vote on Resolution Tuesday for Prop 1, "Treatment Not Tents"

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Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer on Tuesday is presenting a resolution of support at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for Governor Gavin Newsom’s effort to modernize the Mental Health Services Act. The March ballot initiative titled Proposition 1 “Treatment not Tents” will refocus billions of dollars in existing funds to prioritize individuals that have the greatest mental health needs, are living in encampments, or suffering from substance abuse issues. 

During a press conference on Monday, Supervisor Lawson-Remer and other regional leaders will highlight the benefits that San Diego County residents would receive to support their challenges with addiction, and mental health. Read Supervisor Lawson-Remer’s policy here and the resolution, here.  

Proposition 1, if passed in March, will help to build 11,150 new treatment beds and supportive housing, create 26,700 outpatient treatment slots, and set aside $1 billion for veteran housing along with recruiting and training 65,000 mental health workers.