Vice Chair and Chairwoman of County Secure More Support for Childcare Providers

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Childcare providers in California, especially those owned and operated by women of color, are continuing to struggle financially post-pandemic according to recent reports. Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and Chairwoman Nora Vargas today passed a policy to provide $1.25 million to help new childcare providers with start-up costs focused on infrastructure, along with another $750,000 for creating a County database of providers to track those that open and close, and peer-based mentorship for providers. 

“We need to build childcare capacity in the region and the passage of this policy helps our providers scale up their operations, which will result in more families having access to high-quality childcare,” said Supervisor Lawson-Remer, Vice Chair of the Board of Supervisors. “Today’s action is a continuation of work we began last year when we implemented our Childcare Blueprint. We’re focused on supporting families with children, and help all childcare providers thrive.”

“Too many people in our community face challenges in securing quality, affordable childcare. Childcare providers are also grappling with significant obstacles, particularly in terms of wages,” said Chairwoman Vargas. “As Chair, I am committed to tackling these accessibility and affordability issues head-on. We must acknowledge the predominantly female and women of color composition of the childcare workforce. These amazing women are the backbone of our economy and the future of our community. Together, we can and must do better. By working collaboratively, we can create more opportunities for working families and ensure a brighter future for our children.”

In September, the same two Supervisors passed another policy to advance the County of San Diego Childcare Blueprint by growing capacity for childcare centers, staffing and training; and create a pilot County workers dealing with a childcare emergency.

The County adopted the Child Care Blueprint in August of 2023, which is a guiding vision to ensure that childcare needs of our local families and children are met. The Blueprint prioritizes workforce investments, safe and quality facilities, especially in areas where childcare availability is sparse, and that all families have access to childcare that meets their needs and preferences.  

To read the entire policy that passed today, click here