Board of Supervisors Pass Resolution Supporting Proposition 1 "Treatment Not Tents"

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The San Diego County Board of Supervisors today passed Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer's resolution to Proposition 1 “Treatment not Tents” on the March 2024 ballot. The vote was 3-2 in favor.  

“I am happy the resolution passed, and I hope our residents will do their homework on Proposition 1 before completing their ballots in March,” said Supervisor Lawson-Remer. “Given all the changes we have made at the County when it comes to the way we deliver mental health and addiction treatment, we stand to benefit if Proposition 1 passes and the funding from the Mental Health Services Act is able to be reprioritized.”  

Proposition 1 is Governor Gavin Newsom’s initiative to update the Mental Health Services Act, which if approved will refocus billions of dollars in existing funds on new treatment beds and supportive housing, create outpatient treatment slots, veteran housing, and recruitment and training for mental health workers. The target population for these increased services are people with the greatest mental health needs, that are living in encampments, or suffering from substance abuse issues.

Excerpts from the resolution passed today include:

“…WHEREAS, these statistics reflect a system that doesn’t respond to the needs of our community, until it’s in crisis; and

“WHEREAS, over the last three years the County of San Diego has taken unprecedented action to invest in behavioral health staffing, prevention, diversion, and long term community support for the most vulnerable, but the County needs more resources to help unwind decades of poor decision-making regarding mental health, substance abuse and homelessness; and

“WHEREAS, it’s imperative that the County continue to support long-term solutions moving from a crisis model to patient centered care model. Instead of waiting for individuals to become ill, it should work toward front end services that meet people where they are at; and

“WHEREAS, Californians will have a direct opportunity to transform and rebuild our mental health system and modernize programs to meet the needs of our communities; and

“WHEREAS, California’s Proposition 1 “Treatment not Tents,” will refocus billions of dollars to prioritize individuals that have the greatest mental health needs, are living in encampments or suffering from substance abuse issues; and…”

To read Supervisor Lawson-Remer’s policy, click here and to read the resolution, click here.