San Diego County Takes Unanimous Step to Address Homelessness Crisis

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San Diego County's Board of Supervisors unanimously commits federal relief funds to assess potential sites for temporary shelters. The initiative emerges amid a regional bed shortage and discussions about a countywide camping ban. Local leaders are striving for solutions that consider both the homeless population and community interests.

In a unanimous decision, San Diego County's Board of Supervisors has embarked on a mission to address the region's pressing homelessness crisis. The Board has committed around $90,000 of federal relief funds for an extensive assessment of potential sites to erect temporary shelters. This initiative comes amidst a regional bed shortage and ongoing talks about a countywide camping ban.

The assessment will look into the feasibility of employing various locations as temporary refuges for the homeless. The potential setups include small cabins, large tents, or safe parking lots. Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, the sponsor of the measure, emphasized the urgent necessity to provide shelter to hundreds of homeless individuals.

The Rosecrans Shelter in Point Loma serves as an example of the shelter models under consideration. The assessment process is anticipated to conclude in approximately four months.

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