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Three big items… two new ways for us to connect… all in one newsletter. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening at the County Board of Supervisors next week!

Three Things to Watch Next Week

What’s your Board of Supervisors up to? I’m glad you asked! I strongly believe that the public should be informed on what’s going on at our public meetings. Here’s three things to know about our hearings next week:

First: We’ll receive an update on the Blue Envelope Program – which I pushed for the Board to approve in September and started rolling out in December. The program aims to improve communication and awareness between our sheriff’s deputies and people with a condition or disability such as Autism, dementia, and anxiety.

We’ll hear a report on how it’s going with the training of law enforcement and first responders on best practices for engaging with individuals with cognitive differences. It’s an important part of creating a safer, more inclusive San Diego County. You can learn more about the Blue Envelope program by watching the video linked here.

Second: My office is also presenting a proposal, in partnership with Chairwoman Nora Vargas, to explore improving probation staff health and wellness. Morale among probation staff is critical because they play an important role in reducing recidivism and helping people re-enter our society as productive residents.     

Third: We’re also going to take a look at how we spend the remainder of the federal American Rescue Plan Act funding we put aside to work on long-term needs. On Tuesday we’ll vote on options for:  

  • The expansion of our County’s Behavioral Health Workforce to help many things including mental health and substance abuse –  a recommendation I made in January
  • Funding the implementation of California Senate Bill 43 for mental health and addiction treatment services (read my take on SB 43 here)
  • Putting more funding toward affordable housing  

Bonus Item: I’ve been fighting with many of you to support the people of Carlsbad and the surrounding communities from unnecessary, noisy airport flights and poor air quality. At Wednesday’s meeting, there will be a second reading of the redistricting of seating for the Palomar Airport Advisory Committee.

Coronado Convo 

On Tuesday, February 27th I’m hosting a Meet & Greet at Coronado High’s Black Box Theater at 6:15 p.m. Are you able to attend? If so, RSVP here!

One of the topics I know many residents of Coronado are concerned about is protecting our beaches and coastlines from pollution. In the last three years, we have invested $200 million in storm-water infrastructure improvements, water quality testing, incentives, and education.

Let’s use our time together on February 27th to talk about water quality, homelessness, protecting our kids and communities from fentanyl, or anything else on your mind.

Thank you to our co-hosts, which include the Coronado Chamber of Commerce and Emerald Keepers!

Please submit any questions you have for me here. This event is FREE and open to the public, we want to ensure we have enough food and refreshments for you. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Call Me Wednesday

Don’t live in Coronado or can’t make it on Tuesday? Join Our Telephone Town Hall on Wednesday, February 28 at 5:30 p.m.!

Topics we'll discuss include: 

  • Tackling the homelessness crisis
  • Protecting beaches and coastlines
  • Fighting the fentanyl crisis
  • Confronting rising rents & housing costs
  • Delivering mental health treatment

We’ve been working for you to create change and deliver results over the last three years, but there’s more to do. Join me to ask questions and hear from your neighbors. To participate RSVP here or simply call 855-962-1157 on the 28th!

In service,