Supervisor Lawson-Remer is Fighting to Support Resident Safety & Behavioral Healthcare at Windsor Pointe Property

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Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer is actively working with Affirmed Housing, the City of Carlsbad and County of San Diego staff to increase security and ensure the proper level of care is delivered to the 24 chronically homeless, severely mentally ill people who reside in the Carlsbad-approved Windsor Pointe housing development. The Supervisor’s Senior Policy Advisor testified during tonight’s Carlsbad City Council meeting.

“Supervisor Lawson-Remer is very concerned. Safety and security is a big deal, and we need to take it seriously,” said Jeffrey Yuen, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Supervisor Lawson-Remer. “The Supervisor and our team have met with concerned residents, Affirmed Housing, and have regularly communicated with the City and the Carlsbad Police Department. It’s our understanding that Affirmed Housing is close to adding a security guard, which should help with safety in and around Windsor Pointe. Supervisor Lawson-Remer strongly supports adding a security guard and is fighting to make this happen.”

With regards to the 24 individuals with access to support services at Windsor Pointe, a condition of the County of San Diego providing $13 million in “No Place Like Home” to Affirmed Housing to build the housing development, Yuen also shared the Supervisor's perspective on the level of care delivered.

“We are working with our County team to ensure the right level of care is delivered to residents,” Yuen said. “In response to community concerns, earlier this year we increased case management services for residents to five days a week and added a clinician to the client support team. It’s also important to point out, that all residents who qualify for and want additional services, such as Assertive Community Treatment, or other mental and behavioral health services, can and will be referred to these services. We’re not allowed to force people into these programs, but our care teams are working to help people agree to accept a referral to these additional services.”

Supervisor Lawson-Remer’s office most recently met with the City of Carlsbad and residents in early March.