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Today is Armed Forces Day, a time to honor individuals serving across all branches of our military. While Memorial Day and Veterans Day receive a lot of attention, I wanted to uplift that May 18 is about showing appreciation for those who are currently serving our nation

They sacrifice so much for our country and we want to do everything we can to support them when they retire from active duty. So when service members become veterans,  the County of San Diego is here to help

Today I want to shine a light on some of the County’s programs that are focused on helping our Veterans thrive. 

Housing ALL Who Have Served

We’re proud that San Diego County is home to one of the country’s largest concentrations of veterans. And no veteran should be experiencing homelessness in our region.

That’s why the County of San Diego and several housing partners stepped up to address this issue with an initiative called “Leave No Veteran Homeless,” with the goal to end veteran homelessness for good.  

How we help: Many veterans have a rental assistance resource in-hand and are supported with case management, but need to find a rental unit that meets their needs. Leave No Veteran Homeless aims to connect these Veterans with available housing and work with landlords to offer incentives for them to open their doors to Veterans.

Landlords stepping up: The County’s Landlord Incentive Program includes leasing bonuses, holding fees, application expense reimbursement, damage claim reimbursement, security deposits, utility assistance, and landlord liaison services. 

Making progress: We’ve seen a 27 percent drop in veteran homelessness from 2020 to 2022, with 670 Veterans securing housing. So far in Fiscal Year 2023-24, about 100 Veterans have benefitted from County incentives, and more than 70 landlords have received leasing bonuses or holding fees.  

While we still have work to do, I'm feeling pretty optimistic with the progress we’ve made toward making sure every veteran has a place to call home.

Paying it Forward: Education Benefits 

We’re making it easier for Veterans to send their kids to college. The CalVet College Fee Waiver for Veteran Dependents, administered by San Diego County’s Office of Military & Veterans Affairs, waives tuition and fees for eligible students at any State of California Community College, California State University, or University of California campus. 

Free tuition: While the program doesn’t cover the expense of books, parking, or room and board, qualifying applicants will have no tuition or fee payments. 

How to qualify: Be the dependent of an eligible disabled veteran with a service-connected disability rating of zero percent or higher. 

Learn more: Visit the CalVet website for more information about the four plans that children of disabled Veterans may qualify for. Or check out these helpful links: 

Be Alert: Protecting Veterans from Fraud

Veterans are eligible for several well-earned benefits, including healthcare, pension, education and training, home loans, and more. 

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of fraudsters, predators, and scammers that try to take advantage of Veterans as they try to access the benefits they earned

Called “Claim Sharks,” these scammers use aggressive tactics through the mail, telephone, and internet to try and convince Veterans that they need to pay them to apply for their benefits.

Don’t be fooled! There is no cost for Veterans to apply for their benefits, and this can be done easily online at or by visiting any U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs office.

Stay informed: The VA has launched a new website and Fraud Prevention Toolkit with information on identifying fraud, reporting scams, and finding an accredited individual or organization to help with claims. 

More County Resources for Veterans

Need assistance or more information? This list provides information for all of the San Diego County Veterans Resource Centers, VET-CONNECT workstations in local libraries, and Veterans Service Representatives. 

Add a Furry Friend to Your Family

One last thing: check out this adoption event and consider bringing home a rescue pet from the Helen Woodward Animal CenterThe adoption fee is waived for military personnel and veterans.

In service,