Hollister Pump Station Spills Again; County Will Vote on Program Tracking Sewage Impacts

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Article by Megan Kitt  |  Read full article at The Coronado Times

A more robust system of tracking and assessing the public health impact of the Tijuana Sewage Crisis may be in the works.

A proposal designed to substantiate the impact of the pollution may open new avenues for relief – and funding, said County of San Diego Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, who will bring it to the board at its June 26 meeting.

“If we’re going to be able to fight for public health, we actually need to know what’s going on in the community,” Lawson-Remer said at a press conference Monday. “That’s why we’re gathering the data.”

With some repairs underway on the crumbling sewage infrastructure on both sides of the border, last week dealt a new blow: A leak at the Hollister Street Pump Station, the United States section of the International Boundary and Water Commission Reported.

“It is suspected that sediment in a surge tank compromised a pressure relief valve, which then led to a spill from the valve,” the IBWC said June 19 on X, formerly known as Twitter. “A new pressure relief valve will be received (June 21) and installed next week, along with the cleaning of the surge tank.”

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