Priorities & Policy

1.     Equity

a.     Advancing Equity in all aspect of everything that we do to uplift communities 

2.    COVID-19

a.     Leading the economic recovery from COVID-19, supporting small businesses and working families 

3.    Sustainability, Climate Action, and Environmental Justice

a.     Protecting our Beaches, Coastlines, and Open Spaces from pollution and development 

b.     Tackling the Climate Crisis and adopting a bold plan for Regional Sustainability by 2035 

c.      Fighting for environmental justice by ending toxic dumping, eradicating lead, cleaning-up sewage, and reducing air pollution in vulnerable communities across our County 

d.     Safeguarding our communities from Wildfires 

4.    Smart Justice & Racial Justice

a.     Fighting for Smart Justice and Racial Justice reforms across all our public safety services — in our jails, on the streets, and in our courtrooms 

5.    Infrastructure

a.     Reducing traffic and congestion by investing in transportation infrastructure and ending sprawl development 

6.    Making the County Work for Everyone

a.     Making the County work for everyone by strengthening our social safety net and mental and behavioral health programs, and expanding access and enrollment for the most vulnerable 

7.    Families, Children, and Seniors 

a.     Protecting our children and seniors by expanding quality, affordable Childcare and In-Home Support services to age in place 

8.    Affordable Housing & Homelessness

a.     Embracing bold, innovative solutions to our regional Affordable Housing crisis 

b.     Reducing Homelessness with programs to help people get the social services they need, and address the special needs of people with mental health challenges and LGBTQ youth 

9.    Healthcare 

a.     Expanding high-quality Healthcare for All 

10.   Immigration

a.     Protecting the human rights and dignity of Immigrant Families 

11.   An Economy that Works for All 

a.     Fighting for working families with protections for fair wages, decent working conditions, and the right to organize 

b.     Catalyzing a Green Economy for sustainable and shared prosperity in our region 

12.   Evidence-Based Policy Making 

a.     Advancing a new approach to big data and Evidence-Based policies to make the County more effective and more equitable in all that we do