It is not always easy for families, seniors, and children to thrive in San Diego County. The COVID-19 pandemic did not help matters. It exacerbated the inequities in our county, and caused many people to struggle with their health and finances. 

Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer joined the Board of Supervisors in 2021 and made new efforts to lift up underserved and marginalized people. With her policies and votes, she made sure barriers to medical services, food and financial assistance and housing were removed for people in need. 

In her first year, Supervisor Lawson-Remer authored the legislation to end a harmful program called Project 100, an initiative that sought to reduce the number of applicants for County food, medical and housing services, using intimidation and threats. Today, the County has more workers than ever before reaching out to San Diegans to provide self-sufficiency services. 

More needs to be done to support families, children and seniors but the County is increasing access to health care, healthy meals, financial assistance and housing support services, and making sure the services are being distributed equitably to all San Diegans.